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As a property developer the time to start collaborating with a commercial realtor is before you break ground. Ideally, you want us involved while you’re deciding where to buy and what to build. Why? Because we know the market, what tenants want, and what you’re up against competitively. We can do far more than line up tenants if you invite us onto your design team early enough.

How We Help

Rather than starting with a building focus, we look at things from an economics, tenant needs and competitive factors perspective. It’s not the buildings that sell, it’s how you meet market needs that makes projects successful. It comes down to developing great partnerships, and we’re the commercial broker to partner with in Calgary.

Who We Help

We’re known as Calgary’s mixed-use specialists and have a reputation for working with restaurants, retailers and all sorts of new developments. If you’re considering a commercial real estate broker, contact us and learn why you want us on your team.

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Learn about our advisory services for commercial developers.


You may not realize it, but the best time to engage a commercial real estate broker is while you’re still in your preliminary planning stage. Better yet, before you’ve selected a property.


Because we know the market. We know who you’re competing with, what tenants want, and we follow market trends. We bring a pragmatic voice to the planning and project design conversation. We can help you build something the market needs, that is well suited to compete and deliver what tenants want.

From market research and site selection to planning best use of property and helping make industry connections, we deliver a lot more than people realize. And the earlier you bring us onto your team, the more value we create.



We offer a wide range of market research services for developers. The most frequent include summaries of existing vacancies and what market deals look like on comparable properties. We offer incentive reviews, where we evaluate what other landlords are offering. We help define or refine an ideal tenant mix that considers market demographics and your competitors. We also research prospective tenants and brokerages we need to market to and more.

Contact us to learn more about our research services.



We’ll help create an ideal tenant mix for maximizing traffic, tenant retention, and revenue. We’ll help you develop an ideal tenant profile for your property. This research is based on consumer demographics, purchase patterns, industry trends and competitive reviews.

This work is vital for determining highest and best use of your property.



Leasing programs are not just about listing your property in a database. They are about targeting the right prospects, positioning your property, making it easy to find, presenting it well, and marketing effectively. More and more it’s about 3D renderings, photography, video, facilitating virtual tours, and supporting the tenants’ decision-making process.

Marketing has also changed. In addition to signage, listings and traditional networking, the internet has become essential for filling vacancies. We leverage every avenue from direct selling and email campaigns to search engines and social media marketing on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

Leasing programs are also about handling sales leads well and negotiating workable agreements.


Everyone Has Questions
These Are The Ones We’re Asked Most

Q: Will you assist with introducing me to architects, lawyers, contractors, and other professionals?

A: We have worked with a broad spectrum of professionals and will introduce you to many qualified practitioners.

Q: How do you know what types of tenants to design the building for?

A: We rely on a combination of experience and market research to advise you. We identify pent-up demand for amenities, watch competitors, review data and monitor trends. This helps us assess options and determine a property’s highest and best use to maximize revenue and stability.

Q: When should leasing begin on a new development?

A: It depends on the tenant type you are pursuing. Some national tenants plan years ahead for their real estate.

Many franchised concepts have a defined timeline such as 6 months from signing a franchise agreement to securing a location. In other cases, tenants won’t start looking until they are ready to move in. In a mixed-use scenario, you could have all of the above.

Q: When does a commission get paid?

A: While there are no industry standards, a portion of the commission is paid upon lease execution. The balance is paid upon possession for fixturing or when the tenant opens for business.

Q: Who prepares the offer to lease and lease?

A: The offer to lease is generally prepared by the brokerage based on the language of the lease provided by the landlord. It is advisable to engage a lawyer to prepare a standard lease, and a lease specific to a transaction. Agents can guide this process, but you still need a lawyer involved.

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From Commercial Real Estate Brokers?
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